Providing efficient and frictionless access to capital

The growth of real estate developers depends on efficient and frictionless access to capital, yet smaller real estate developers in India face numerous challenges from traditional lenders that make it difficult to secure such capital.

These challenges exist in part because it is inherently difficult to assess the underlying security of a real estate project, as well as quickly ascertain its cash flows.

The team at ICP Real Estate understands the needs of these developers. We have vast operating expertise in the real estate sector. This 'real life' experience enables us to understand the opportunities very well, and we can make decisions on funding quickly and efficiently.

This allows developers to spend their time where it should be spent - on developing their properties.

Each loan that we make involves our proprietary underwriting process. We work judiciously and efficiently both internally as well as with the various consultants and government agencies to achieve a close - typically in less than a month.

We have designed our process to be fair, transparent and borrower-friendly.

Added value

We aim to further add value for small - and medium-sized developers by bringing to bear- for their benefit-the many aspects of our real estate experience in India.

We understand the many issues and challenges they face, which is why we are also open to partnering with these developers to provide them the assistance they may need in such areas as:

  1. Global and local best practices in development and construction
  2. Access to government departments
  3. Obtaining permissions for development
  4. Meeting legal and regulatory requirements
  5. Operational improvements
  6. Brand development or revitalization